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Fun Things to Do With Attic Space

Attic Space?  Aren’t you lucky!

…..10 ideas for rooms to use up that enviable space

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Are you one of the lucky ones that actually have attic space?  I don’t mean the space in the rafters above the garage like mine.  I mean a real, true attic.  The kind you see on TV where children go to discover a chest full of dusty old clothes, or a broken coatrack, or a picture of some old relative.  I would love one of those rooms.  And let me tell you what I would do with it!  And once I got through, I wouldn’t have an attic any more………. (more…)

Cool Things You Can “DIY” into Ottomans

Cool Things that Can Be Used as Ottomans

My grandma’s ottoman, actually we called it a stool back then!  I can’t part with it, so I’m working on incorporating it. I bet you’ve seen it…well, maybe not MY grandma’s but one like it.  It’s got to be circa 1930, grey and mottled red/black in a hexagon shape.  Sounds awful, huh?  I might think so if it weren’t grandma’s.

But if you’re not as lucky as me to have a classic vintage ottoman you can always keep an eye out for a unique piece of something that can be used to retire those tired feet at the end of a day.

Unique Alternatives to Wallpaper

6 (at least) alternatives to wallpaper………

……..I still think wallpaper is great, but I just can’t bring myself to do it again

Unique Alternatives to Wallpaper

I just love it when someone thinks outside the box.  Today, thinking outside the box when it comes to wall coverings may be to consider wallpaper!  BUT, if you just can’t stand the thought (and for those who “walltexed” through the ‘70’s will know what I mean) then there are some great alternatives for fabulous and fun wall covering designs. Here are a few~~ (more…)