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Fun Things to Do With Attic Space

Attic Space?  Aren’t you lucky!

…..10 ideas for rooms to use up that enviable space

 Fun-Things-to-Do-with-Attic-Space collage for pin


Are you one of the lucky ones that actually have attic space?  I don’t mean the space in the rafters above the garage like mine.  I mean a real, true attic.  The kind you see on TV where children go to discover a chest full of dusty old clothes, or a broken coatrack, or a picture of some old relative.  I would love one of those rooms.  And let me tell you what I would do with it!  And once I got through, I wouldn’t have an attic any more………. (more…)

Cool Things You Can “DIY” into Ottomans

Cool Things that Can Be Used as Ottomans

My grandma’s ottoman, actually we called it a stool back then!  I can’t part with it, so I’m working on incorporating it. I bet you’ve seen it…well, maybe not MY grandma’s but one like it.  It’s got to be circa 1930, grey and mottled red/black in a hexagon shape.  Sounds awful, huh?  I might think so if it weren’t grandma’s.

But if you’re not as lucky as me to have a classic vintage ottoman you can always keep an eye out for a unique piece of something that can be used to retire those tired feet at the end of a day.

Cornucopias and Christmas Ideas

Cornucopias and Christmas

…….I love it all!

So Halloween is now a memory, Thanksgiving is around the corner, but my thoughts are already centered on Christmas. I know, I know, there are many people who think Thanksgiving gets passed over for Christmas. To me? I can’t think of two more perfect holidays to meld together than a holiday that expresses gratitude….and what more to be grateful for than the birth of Christ? So….combining these two holidays into two glorious months seems to come naturally.


This fabulous idea can last all winter!

Christmas Banister Decor Ideas

Bows, Balls, and Banisters

….just another way to enjoy the Season!

I LOVE Christmas decorations and everything else about Christmas. It seems that each year I want to do more and more but each year we seem to have less and less time. Just one of the things I love decorating for Christmas is my railing, i.e. banisters, staircases, etc. It’s one of the prettiest and homey-est ways to brighten my home for the holidays. My railing, although not one of those grandiose, magnificent staircases, looks very pretty all decorated in garland, bows and Christmas balls. I want to add lights this year and luckily the railing is located near a power source for my handy-dandy-hubby to run an outlet.


As I was searching for some new ways to garnish the guardrail I came across some exquisite decorating ideas. Some grand, some cute, but all wonderful! Ooooooo! I just love Christmas! Have a merry, merry one!

banister red Christmas Banister decorated for fall-Christmas Banister cute Christmas Banister Christmas white banister bottom Christmas