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Why Woven Wood Works

Why Woven Wood WorksWoven Woods


We have two patio doors downstairs with very little head room to apply a window treatment.  I’ve decided to go with woven woods.

Woven woods offer that natural element to a room that I really love.  They create a warm and homey ambiance that invites and welcomes.

The choice of these types of blinds will suit me very well because our patio doors are glass and open up onto a patio with a view of a waterfall and lovely rock garden plants.  I don’t want to apply anything that will disrupt that scenery.  The woven woodW will allow for privacy in the evening and can be raised during the day to the view of the patio.

Woven woods come in many choices of natural elements, with combinations of bamboo, rattan, reeds, jutes, woods, and grasses all offering a unique appeal.  They can be combined with valances and additional window treatments to create an exceptional appearance.

I’m anxious to see how they’ll look.

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How to Hide Ugly Cords and Decorate Around Your TV

How to Hide Ugly Chords and Decorate Around Your TV


TV or not TV?  That is the question……

We’re in the process of finishing our basement and there is a design element (using the term loosely) that keeps me in a quandary.  That is the ever important, the yin and yang of all family rooms, the focal point of any great room…….the ever essential television!  No matter how skinny these are, or how streamline they become, they are still a decorator’s nightmare.  Does it go over the fireplace? Next to the fireplace? On an entertainment center?  In an entertainment center?  In the middle of the wall? On the side of the wall?  Do I put pictures around it or let it stand alone as the designer’s albatross it is.  And if the TV isn’t enough of an eyesore there are the endless cords going from this electronic device to the other.  YIKES!

In trying to decide where to have the electricians wire for this lovely component, we went back and forth, how high, how low, middle, side, etc., etc.  It is just not an easy thing…….this placement of the television.  So, we finally decided to be very creative 🙂 and stuck it smack dab in the middle of the wall.  I am now looking for ideas how to downplay the appearance of the 60” worth of media mania at the far end of our family room.

How to Hide Ugly Chords and Decorate Around Your TV