Decorating with Decals

Decals…..I love this touch of decoration

I have been trying to think of something for our wall in a hallway downstairs.  We originally planned to have a full-wall bookcase.  I’ve changed my mind.  There are just too many cute options to stick with one boring idea.

So as I’m perusing decorating sites and magazines (yes, I still look at magazines) I find these tree decals that I just love.  There are so many designs to choose from and each very different; whimsical, shadowy, wind-blown, leafless, ones with birds.

I think I’m going to choose one that reminds me of a family tree you might find on a genealogy website.  I am going to add floating shelves to it like one in a picture I saw so I don’t want one that is really busy.  I’m also adding more floating shelves on the rest of the wall.   This is a work in progress in my mind but I’m excited to get started.

Other tree decals I loved were a set of 6 leafless trees that look great on a large bare wall.  I haven’t used decals before but I’m assuming removing them should be quite easy with much less damage than wallpaper used to leave.  Wallpaper’s coming back and I love it, but walls are never the same if you just want the look of fresh paint again.  And the decal look is minimal and airy.

The birch trees by Popwall is also one of my favorites.

I love the different feeling these decals give in each of these settings.

Fun Ways to Decorate with Decals decal tree above headboard decal windblown tree


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