DIY Summertime Bed in a Bag (1)

Summertime Bedding

………………….A Bed-In-A-Bag

Here’s an idea for you for quick summer bedding when you have unexpected sleepovers or friends and family drop in for the evening and don’t go home :).  We truly love it when that happens!

You know those heavy-duty zippered plastic bags that comforters and other bedding come in?  Don’t throw those away.  I have found they are so handy to store entire bedding ensembles and have them at the ready to throw on an air mattress or couch for extra sleeping space.  The bigger ones I even store the pillows in.  It saves time and stress to just pull out one of these “beds-in-a-bag” when it’s bedtime and there are extra bodies needing a place to crash.  It also creates a much more welcoming feeling when mom isn’t frantically running around trying to gather last minute sheets and pillow cases.

There are always great sales on fleece blankets and throws.  These are great for a “bed-in-a-bag”.  They take up very little space and are nice and snuggly warm. If you don’t have any of these handy bags, just use a trash can liner with a tie for now.

When the bedding is gathered up and ready for the laundry, wash, fold, and store right back in the bag (with a dryer sheet for a fresh laundered smell) and it will be all set for the next surprise sleepover.

Have a package of pancake mix (add water only style) and some frozen blueberries in the freezer for a quick and better-than-average breakfast.  A surprise you’re prepared for is always more fun than a surprise you’re not.

summer bedding 2 summer bedding zippered bag