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Creative Galvanized Planter Ideas

Grandma’s Washtub!  Best Planter Ever!

My grandma would be quite surprised to know that her old galvanized washtub was one of my favorite planters until a few years ago when we moved and it was unceremoniously tossed onto the “this is not going!” pile.Galvanized Planter Ideas

These washtubs, etc., are such great inventions to use as planters because galvanizing the metal is done to provide corrosion protection.  That’s why grandma had her washtub and then mom had her washtub and then I had her washtub for soooo many years.  Until……see above

6 Tips to a Fabulous Dry Creek Bed

DIY Creek Bed ~

6 Tips to a Fabulous DIY Dry Creek Bed (1)

6….okay…..maybe 8 pointers to a magnificent landscape design

If you love the outdoors and want to enjoy the look and “feel” of a beautiful stream, how about a dry creek bed?  The very nature of the term “dry creek bed” can bring to mind a desolate and water-starved scene in the Sahara…NO, NO!   You don’t need the water to suggest its presence in the garden.  If planned correctly and creatively a dry creek bed can look as though there was once rushing water where pebbles and stones were deposited and the lush of foliage remain.

15 Backyard Fireplace Ideas that You Need in Your Yard

15 Backyard Fireplace Ideas that You Need in Your Yard

A blanket, a mug, and a flickering flame………..

Is there anything more magical than cozying up with someone special enjoying the glimmering glow of a fire?   I don’t think so either.  The only thing making this experience more enchanting is if I’m cozied up with my someone special outside on our patio with a blanket and a mug of something wonderful!…and, oh yes, the warmth of a flickering flame on my face.  Oh My!!  This sounds too good to be true BUT………

……“All this can be yours”…..ha!  But it truly can be with the many designs and convenient styles of portable, natural gas, propane, and real wood fireplaces that are on the market to increase the enjoyment of your outdoor living, and not to mention, the built-in fireplaces adding a warmth and friendliness hard to match. So here are some beautiful fireplace ideas to give you some inspiration on your next project.

15 Backyard Fireplace Ideas that You Need in Your Yard