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How to Make Your Own Easter Grass

How to Make Your Own Easter GrassEaster Grass ~ The Real Thing!

easter grass 2

Here’s “hopping” never to use cello-grass again!! (Did I really just say that?)

Is it just me, or is that pink, purple, and green cellophane Easter grass the worst?!  Do you ever get it out of your carpet?  Just when you think you’ve got it all cleaned up you’re walking down the hall (in June!) and there is still more of that shiny junk re-surfacing on the floor!…..and in the kid’s closets, and in the toy box, and under your sink……………Ugh!

Here is a great idea for you and your kids to have some fun and get excited for Easter AND get rid of that cello-crap forever!

Plant REAL Easter grass.  It takes about 2 weeks so get started NOW!  It’s a great way to scratch that “I want to plant my garden right now” itch!

Go to your local health food store or your home storage store OR your own home storage and get some red wheat kernels (some people/mfg’s call them berries).  Follow the directions written by Marie LeBaron of Makes and Takes.  I love her choice of containers. Take a look!

Get your supplies

  • hard red winter wheat
  • container/s
  • potting soil
  • water

Containers: Choose a few different containers to see which ones work best. Egg cartons (line them with plastic wrap), terra cotta pots, floral vase, Easter bowls, silver tray, an Easter Bunny Bucket, etc.

Soil: Fill your containers with potting soil. Leave an inch or so of space for the grass and roots to grow.

Seeds (Wheat kernels) Soak seeds in water for a couple of hours. Then spread a layer of seeds on top of the soil in each container. Spread them full and even.

Water: Give your containers a good soak, but be careful not to let your seeds move around. Pour your water in slowly. For the first 2 days, they need constant water to help the seeds germinate. Once the seeds show a white tail, keep them watered, but no need to soak.

Grow: Set them in an undisturbed area, I just grew my wheatgrass on my kitchen counter where no little hands could reach. Then watch it grow! Here’s what it looked like in only 4 days.

The Results: After only 7 days, here’s how well the wheatgrass grew! And it’s growing more and more by the minute!

Is that fun or what!?!

15 of the Best Succulent Arrangements Ever

15 of the Best Succulent Arrangements Ever

Spring is just around the corner in my part of the country, but sometimes it is a loooooooong corner!  So in the meantime while I’m waiting for March to march right on out of here (because in my part of the world, March is the ugliest month ever!), I start looking to cheer me up with some fabulous HOUSE PLANTS. So this year SUCCULENTS seem to be all the rage.  You know, those are the plants that look like little cacti and some look all rubbery. I love these because they can be used in taller arrangements and in arrangements that are so flat they can fit in the tiniest of spaces.

15 of the Best Succulent Arrangements Ever

10 Unique Potting Plant Ideas

10 Unique Potting Plant Ideas

 You can stick a plant in almost anything.  Get creative. Use an old boot, that piece of pottery stuck back in the corner of the cupboard, glass apothecary jar with layers of plant mix and pebbles, galvanized buckets.  Just keep an eye open for any interesting object with a whole in the top.  I bet you can stick a plant in it! Here are 10 potting ideas that i absolutely loved.

10 Unique Potting Plant Ideas

10 Ways to Dress up Your Home with Brick

10 Ways to Dress up Your Home with Brick



To me brick is one of the timeless elements of décor.  It never goes out of style and I, for one, NEVER get tired of it.

Below are a couple of the coolest ideas that look fabulous and probably not as hard as you’d think.

10 Ways to Dress up Your Home with Brick