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Creative Window Seat Ideas

window seat for new pin

Window Seats, Window Nooks, Window Benches… all says “cozy” to me..

When I was a little girl I always wanted a window seat; some place to cozy down with a soft blanket, see out my window, and read my favorite “Mother West Wind” books.  Even now my favorite seats in my house are the ones that I can sit in a comfy chair or love seat and watch the birds from my window.

Well, we don’t really have a place to build a window seat but there are endless sources on how to do it if you’re lucky enough to have the space, and the handyman who can’t wait for another “honey-do”. It’s a great DIY weekend project.

However, because we don’t have space to build one, I have managed to create one in my office by placing a long ottoman in front of a large, low window. Instant window seat!! The ottoman is the perfect height and from this view I can look down upon my petunia garden in the summer, see the whisp of the feather grass in the fall, and watch large and luscious snowflakes float to the ground in the winter…. and I love it.  I’m excited to make some toss pillows to add to the coziness of the look.

Here are some ways to create a window seat, even if you don’t have one.

  • Toy box under the window in kid’s room
  • Cedar chest with cushion
  • Cabinets with upholstered top
  • Side or end table with cushion
  • Ottoman
  • book case laying on the side with upholstered top


Inexpensive DIY Concrete Steps- Tutorial

DIY ~ Steps on the CHEAP!!

If you’ve ever priced steps for a yard treatment, let me tell you!  They’re not cheap.  We’re talking hundreds in some cases.  And for the size I wanted, well……..I don’t think so.  But, I still wanted them.  So I came home and talked to my husband and asked him, “is there any way you can make us some concrete steps for out there?”  And when I told him how expensive they were to buy he quickly said “SURE, honey.” 🙂  And, he did.Simple Concrete Steps Tutorial

6 Tips to a Fabulous Dry Creek Bed

DIY Creek Bed ~

6 Tips to a Fabulous DIY Dry Creek Bed (1)

6….okay…..maybe 8 pointers to a magnificent landscape design

If you love the outdoors and want to enjoy the look and “feel” of a beautiful stream, how about a dry creek bed?  The very nature of the term “dry creek bed” can bring to mind a desolate and water-starved scene in the Sahara…NO, NO!   You don’t need the water to suggest its presence in the garden.  If planned correctly and creatively a dry creek bed can look as though there was once rushing water where pebbles and stones were deposited and the lush of foliage remain.

15 Backyard Fireplace Ideas that You Need in Your Yard

15 Backyard Fireplace Ideas that You Need in Your Yard

A blanket, a mug, and a flickering flame………..

Is there anything more magical than cozying up with someone special enjoying the glimmering glow of a fire?   I don’t think so either.  The only thing making this experience more enchanting is if I’m cozied up with my someone special outside on our patio with a blanket and a mug of something wonderful!…and, oh yes, the warmth of a flickering flame on my face.  Oh My!!  This sounds too good to be true BUT………

……“All this can be yours”…..ha!  But it truly can be with the many designs and convenient styles of portable, natural gas, propane, and real wood fireplaces that are on the market to increase the enjoyment of your outdoor living, and not to mention, the built-in fireplaces adding a warmth and friendliness hard to match. So here are some beautiful fireplace ideas to give you some inspiration on your next project.

15 Backyard Fireplace Ideas that You Need in Your Yard