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Fun Wall Decal Ideas

Decorating with Decals

Decals…..I love this touch of decoration

I have been trying to think of something for our wall in a hallway downstairs.  We originally planned to have a full-wall bookcase.  I’ve changed my mind.  There are just too many cute options to stick with one boring idea.

So as I’m perusing decorating sites and magazines (yes, I still look at magazines) I find these tree decals that I just love.  There are so many designs to choose from and each very different; whimsical, shadowy, wind-blown, leafless, ones with birds.

I think I’m going to choose one that reminds me of a family tree you might find on a genealogy website.  I am going to add floating shelves to it like one in a picture I saw so I don’t want one that is really busy.  I’m also adding more floating shelves on the rest of the wall.   This is a work in progress in my mind but I’m excited to get started.

Other tree decals I loved were a set of 6 leafless trees that look great on a large bare wall.  I haven’t used decals before but I’m assuming removing them should be quite easy with much less damage than wallpaper used to leave.  Wallpaper’s coming back and I love it, but walls are never the same if you just want the look of fresh paint again.  And the decal look is minimal and airy.

The birch trees by Popwall is also one of my favorites.

I love the different feeling these decals give in each of these settings.

Fun Ways to Decorate with Decals decal tree above headboard decal windblown tree


decal tree black nursery Decal tree girls room decal trees leafless

DIY Summertime Bed-in-a-Bag

DIY Summertime Bed in a Bag (1)

Summertime Bedding

………………….A Bed-In-A-Bag

Here’s an idea for you for quick summer bedding when you have unexpected sleepovers or friends and family drop in for the evening and don’t go home :).  We truly love it when that happens!

You know those heavy-duty zippered plastic bags that comforters and other bedding come in?  Don’t throw those away.  I have found they are so handy to store entire bedding ensembles and have them at the ready to throw on an air mattress or couch for extra sleeping space.  The bigger ones I even store the pillows in.  It saves time and stress to just pull out one of these “beds-in-a-bag” when it’s bedtime and there are extra bodies needing a place to crash.  It also creates a much more welcoming feeling when mom isn’t frantically running around trying to gather last minute sheets and pillow cases.

There are always great sales on fleece blankets and throws.  These are great for a “bed-in-a-bag”.  They take up very little space and are nice and snuggly warm. If you don’t have any of these handy bags, just use a trash can liner with a tie for now.

When the bedding is gathered up and ready for the laundry, wash, fold, and store right back in the bag (with a dryer sheet for a fresh laundered smell) and it will be all set for the next surprise sleepover.

Have a package of pancake mix (add water only style) and some frozen blueberries in the freezer for a quick and better-than-average breakfast.  A surprise you’re prepared for is always more fun than a surprise you’re not.

summer bedding 2 summer bedding zippered bag

Delightful Table Runner Ideas

Delightful Table Runner Ideas

Table Runners…dress ‘em up or dress ‘em down!

I love to decorate my dining room table with table runners.  You know, those skinny almost too short table covers that look so neat on a dining room table or a countertop bar?

Table runners can be made out of ANY kind of fabric you like, from burlap to satin.  I’m using a runner right now that is of minimalistic design.  It’s one of my favorites.  It’s a simple off-white, no design, runner and complements my dark table very well.

One thing I really like to do with runners is use 3 or 4 and spread them cross-wise over the table giving the setting a striped appearance.  Another idea is to place the runner down the center per usual and lay complimentary placemats cross-wise over the runner.  This is a fun and CHEAP way to add a lot of punch to your table setting.

Using table runners while entertaining is a great idea.  Even though I love pretty tablecloths I really don’t love how they catch on someone’s sweater as they pass by almost dumping dishes and glassware on the floor.  Below is a pic of my table using both a table cloth and runner.  Simple, simple!  When we got the dishes on the table it was so summery and fun.  My daughter-in-law loved it.  It was her birthday.  The vases and flowers I picked up at a dollar store.

Table runners can be layered, too.  A larger longer one and a smaller skinnier one on top.  Looks so fun.  Think of how easy and inexpensive it would be to make one!  Or a dozen!  I love them.  And an easy, easy way to decorate a holiday table.  The left and right ones below are mine, but I loved the other runner idea, with it running the opposite direction.  So much you can do!

table runner my kitchen table runner table runner my kitchen 2

Unique Ideas for Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands…….. maybe just made from other stuff

Unique Ideas for Kitchen Islands

Who couldn’t use a little more counter space?  Kitchen islands are a wonderful centerpiece for more storage, prep room, seating, and counter space.

Kitchen islands can be the focal point of the entertaining area and the gathering place for creating family memories.  Our island does not have a sink or cook top and personally I’m glad it doesn’t   Having all the counter top space in the middle of the room allows for a fabulous nucleus to set for buffets, which is pretty much the way our family eats now.

If you live in a small apartment you don’t have room for a big country kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream of having a kitchen island…maybe just shrink them a little.  Any extra counter space in a small kitchen is welcome.

  • Think about a small stand-alone island.  And maybe the piece you choose isn’t even meant to be an island.  I think it is so fun to re-purpose furniture and it definitely adds some interest to your décor.
  • maybe the piece you can use is a cocktail table
  • or an old butcher block table
  • maybe even grandma’s antique buffet
  • If you’re into the industrial look how about a tool chest on casters.  Make a top for it or buy a “second” at a cabinet shop and there you go!
  • Think about this; re-purposing a bedroom dresser by making a counter top for it and dressing up the “back” (or front) with some molding or adding a couple newel posts, paint it a cool color and what a great kitchen island!  Think of all the drawer space you normally don’t get in a regular island.

Think of your island as another piece of furniture and it will open up your mind to all sorts of unique possibilities.

Unique Ideas for Kitchen Islands kitchen island industrial