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Fun Things to Do With Attic Space

Attic Space?  Aren’t you lucky!

…..10 ideas for rooms to use up that enviable space

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Are you one of the lucky ones that actually have attic space?  I don’t mean the space in the rafters above the garage like mine.  I mean a real, true attic.  The kind you see on TV where children go to discover a chest full of dusty old clothes, or a broken coatrack, or a picture of some old relative.  I would love one of those rooms.  And let me tell you what I would do with it!  And once I got through, I wouldn’t have an attic any more………. (more…)

Cool Things You Can “DIY” into Ottomans

Cool Things that Can Be Used as Ottomans

My grandma’s ottoman, actually we called it a stool back then!  I can’t part with it, so I’m working on incorporating it. I bet you’ve seen it…well, maybe not MY grandma’s but one like it.  It’s got to be circa 1930, grey and mottled red/black in a hexagon shape.  Sounds awful, huh?  I might think so if it weren’t grandma’s.

But if you’re not as lucky as me to have a classic vintage ottoman you can always keep an eye out for a unique piece of something that can be used to retire those tired feet at the end of a day.

Unique Alternatives to Wallpaper

6 (at least) alternatives to wallpaper………

……..I still think wallpaper is great, but I just can’t bring myself to do it again

Unique Alternatives to Wallpaper

I just love it when someone thinks outside the box.  Today, thinking outside the box when it comes to wall coverings may be to consider wallpaper!  BUT, if you just can’t stand the thought (and for those who “walltexed” through the ‘70’s will know what I mean) then there are some great alternatives for fabulous and fun wall covering designs. Here are a few~~ (more…)

2 Things that Help You Cozy Up Your Patio

Patio heaters and papasan chairs…..

……it just doesn’t get better

How to Cozy Up Your Patio


Within the last week my husband and I have twice slept in our papasan chairs until 1:30-2:00 in the morning under our new patio heat lamp.  Yes, I said papasan chairs….we’ll visit this later.  I’m here to tell you that if you really want to experience the joy of a patio during the spring and fall (and even some summer evenings) this is the way to go.

Because of our work schedules we don’t get a chance to sit down much less relax and enjoy the patio until sometimes after dark and we have had a glorious spring this year with temperatures in the evenings in the 60’s – low 70’s; the perfect temp to relax and enjoy the coolness of the evening without being cold.  Our lamp really adds to the ambiance and comfort of this living space.  We have two patios and are thinking very seriously about getting another lamp for our lower patio.  I just love it.

They come in all shapes and sizes from the tall umbrella style to tabletop cyclone types, and there are some beautiful hanging heaters as well.  And the prices vary just as much.  But you don’t have to break the bank in order to enjoy one of these marvelous contraptions.  Shop around.

I’m telling you, there is nothing like having your own personal little ball of sunshine to add romance to some much needed alone time on a cool summer evening.

And the papasan chairs?  YES..I have revisited the papasan!  Once coined the stairmaster of furniture, is back…wait, I don’t think it ever left.  Have you ever considered adding one or two (you really need at least two) to your array of patio furniture. You have never experienced comfort like this!  Papasan chairs and the heat lamp. WOW!  I think I’ll talk more about this.

2 Things That Help You Cozy up Your Patio


How to Mix Rustic and Elegant in Style

“Rustelegant” ~ the art of merging rural and urban

……. I think I’ve coined a new word

How to Mix Rustic With Elegant in Style


I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s still true; I really love the combination of rustic design paired with the elegance of soft cotton sofas (I didn’t say it was practical J) and mingled with wing backed chairs.    Get the picture?  It’s not necessarily my flavor, but I just love the freedom and nonconformity of today’s design philosophy…like it?…use it!

“Rustic” design is defined, I’m sure, by individual perspective.  Where rustic to one may be barn wood on every surface another’s idea of rustic may be burnished hardware on cabinets and doors.  I guess I fall somewhere in between; maybe more on the proverbial shabby-chic side but even that needs a twist.

I think it may take more than just a little decorating talent to successfully combine these two elements.  What I have learned is that no matter what your design elements are you can emphasize them or soften them depending on your paint color and the color of your accessories.  For example, pairing rustic and industrial may be a lot, but use a soft neutral paint in sea greens (1/2 strength…very light), or  linen, or the two combined can bring a peaceful and serene ambiance to a master suite or even a kitchen.

It’s trending to combine rustic with crystal-like chandeliers. Definitely “rustelegant”. That’s a juxtaposition that still hasn’t settled, but I guess I’m more comfortable with that than crystal on crystal on glitter on mirrors, etc.

So if you’re like me you will need to do a little wanna-be-a-designer homework before buying stuff impromptu hoping it works.  Although, on a whim I just bought a chrome colored vase that is one of the most unique pieces I’ve seen and couldn’t be further from “rustic”, and I LOVE it!