My name is Sue and I love discovering fabulous home ideas.

I spend most of my spare time out in my yard or finding new and inspiring home design ideas. I like to gather creative ideas for lighting, organization, functional space, inspiring design elements, home finishes and all things gardening. I am an eclectic in taste, and love home decor in all design styles.

Together, with my team of design enthusiasts, I will share with you enchanting and delightful thoughts and ideas for your ever-evolving living quarters.  Join me as I record all of the fabulous home ideas that have inspired me in my home and outdoor space.


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  1. Hi Sue!
    Sounds like we both Love the same things. I am a Huge “Feather your Nest” kinda gal and will be following your great ideas. Thanks!
    P.S. I live in beautiful Colorado Springs and my Sweetie and I are in the process of building our Forever House, complete with an Art Studio/Craft Room. Stay tuned 🙂

  2. Hi Sue,
    I love your web site! I was going to pin your site on one of my pinterest boards. I’ve got one called “Blogs and Web Sites I Like to Visit” But there’s no picture with you’re Blogs name on it that pinterest can pick up on. I tried to high light the name but it wouldn’t do that either. If you don’t mind me putting it on my board of suggested web site that others might visit, do you have any suggestions on what picture would represent your site?

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