None of the following are necessary to really enjoy your outdoor personal bistro, but as long as we’re dreaming, right?

An exhaust hood to keep smoke out of the eyes of diners

Electrical outlets for using small appliances, stereos and more (Outdoor outlets should be of the ground fault circuit interpreter (GFCI) type. Make sure your electrical wiring meets local code.)

A refrigerator for keeping food cold until it’s time to cook

A sink, either fed with a hose or connected to the house’s water supply (Unless you plan to wash dishes outside, you need only a cold-water connection.)

Warming drawers so nothing arrives at the table cold

An ice machine so no one has to drag around a heavy cooler

Wine storage so you won’t have to go back inside unless you forget the corkscrew

A wood-burning oven for roasting meats and vegetables and making authentic pizzasoutdoor kitchen 3

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