I LOVE Springtime! And I know we’re almost there when I see my husband hauling down the patio furniture from the garage attic. But before we can enjoy the excitement of arranging and re-arranging the furniture to create the best conversational setting for the season, (not that there are that many options, mind you) we must first check it over for gunk. Now there’s gunk and then there’s gguuunnnkk! Hopefully, we only have some dusting and wiping down to do, maybe a few cobwebs to purge; but if any moisture has dribbled onto the cushions there is always the dreaded mildew to watch out for. That’s why it’s very important to store your furniture when it is completely dry. If you thought you did and now realize you didn’t there are many plans of attack to get that “ooo, this smells nice” back into your patio trappings.

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