………to paint or not to paint (that is up to you!)


Would you have ever thought that someone would dare suggest painting a vintage piece of furniture??!!  I remember sanding, stripping, scraping, stripping again, buffing, and more buffing pieces of furniture to get all the paint OFF to restore the originality, and now it’s okay and even chic to paint some of these old classics.  But wow, what a way to incorporate memorable color to a dining room, a girl’s bedroom, or a corner in the kitchen.  What’s more it seems that the sloppier you are the chic-er it is.  The jury’s still out on that for me.  But I have noticed on some of these great re-done pieces that the “restorer” hasn’t even taken off or taped around hinges or hardware. I guess I need to embrace it and be grateful! J

Just yesterday my hubby picked up an old school desk from a thrift store which we will paint a cool color and not feel a bit guilty.  Are we going to put it in an office? Nope.  Are we going to put it in a kid’s room? Nope.  We’re going to put it in a little out of the way hallway that needs some brightening up.  This little place has no natural light so I’m thinking a shiny silver or a lemony yellow.  But you know what’s great?  If I paint it silver and don’t like it then paint it yellow, all it takes is a piece of sandpaper and 3 minutes and I can have a fabulous distressed piece of yellow with silver slivers.

Don’t you love trying new stuff?

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