Painting bricks is as easy as painting anything else…well, almost.

  1. Clean bricks. Depending on the condition of your bricks, do the google thing and read up on how best to clean them.  You may need to use muriatic acid to clean off old grout, stains, etc.  It needs to be handled very carefully so you’ll want to know what you’re doing.
  2. Calculate the amount of paint you need.  When estimating a good rule of thumb is to multiply the length of each surface by its height and add another 30 % just in case.  Usually one gallon of paint will cover 400 square feet.  It is recommended to buy more than you need and keep the leftovers for touch ups.
  3. Choose correct paint, latex is best, latex paint provides better fade resistance, flexibility, chalk resistance and adhesion, and be sure to use a primer/sealer first.  And the clean-up is so much easier than using an oil base.
  4. Use a heavy nap roller, at least 1 “.
  5. Prime first and let dry several hours or overnight and then apply your paint.  Easy-peasy!

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