…………..It’s not the same old matchy-matchy anymore

As I stood in a marvelous “parade of homes” home the other day I looked down and counted FOUR, yes 4 different types of flooring all coming together in a medley of color and texture.  Two types of wood, carpet, and tile.  And guess what?  It looked GORGEOUS! YAY!  Even more endorsed flexibility in design.  Yes! Yes! Yes! Decorating becomes more and more fun as we go!

Now, that being said, there was a common theme color in those floorings.  They were all neutral shades.  The wood tones were DULL (a new thing) not shiny, in a soft chocolate and another in a light tan with darker knot holes.  The carpet was a great shade of taupe-ish, and the tile was another earthy tone.  It worked!

Back to the “dull” thing.  It was fabulous.  I really can’t say what type of finish was on the wood and I didn’t think to ask anyone, but it looked as though there was no finish at all.  In fact, it looked dusty.  Isn’t that perfect?  A floor that is supposed to look dusty?  My daughter would kill for that.  She has a beautiful dark, shiny floor that is the bane of her existence.  It’s like owning a black car (ask me). Nothing looks better when it’s clean and nothing looks worse when it’s dirty.  Not so with these cool floors.  Wide planks, tongue and groove (I know…a sweeping nightmare, but gorgeous none the same.)

So if you are in the throws of remodeling, redecorating, or even buying/building a new home, remember that flooring is once again an almost anything goes (as long as it “goes”) designer’s choice (the designer being YOU!)  Shop around, create your portfolio ala Candace Olson style.  Take your time and enjoy!

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