Beautiful White On White Decor IdeasWHITE, WHITE, WHITE…..

I know some people find white on white boring on boring!  I get that.  But then there are those that just love the cool, clean, crisp, refreshment of white cabinets.  And make no mistake, I am a color lover!  But there’s something about decorating a white room.

This is what “they” say:

– “They” say a white kitchen looks less messy than one decorated in dark colors?  Yup, that’s what “they” say.

– Did you know that a white room is a fabulous backdrop for great pieces of art?

– Did you know that white makes a room look bigger and airier?

– Did you know that a hodgepodge of vintage stuff looks better in a white room?

– Did you know that white on white can be in a Martha’s Vineyard cottage just as well as in a sleek and contemporary Manhattan loft?

– Did you know that white slip covers can be washed and bleached so white doesn’t necessarily mean NO LITTLE ONES.

– Did you know that white makes a dark, rich wooden floor POP with richness?

– Did you know that white painted plank flooring is the coolest looking thing ever?

– Did you know that painting bricks white is a great way to update and add glamour to a worn out old “pinto” brick fireplace?

Well, I imagine you’ve guessed by now that I really do love white decor.  Maybe that’s why I’ve never tired of the 22 year old shabby-chic stuff.  To me it’s the essence of classic and comfy!

 white on white 2 white on white 3 white on white 4 white on white 5

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