Using vintage pieces intermingled with modern (not necessarily contemporary, although that’s really, really, great, too) décor can add a fabulous depth to your room or space.

  • Something as simple as wire baskets on a wall can add the touch of vintage to a room.
  • Old Crosley black desk phones are another element used in the vintage look.  These bring back memories of my grandma’s house.
  • New to look old, “vintage” wallpaper can add a great look to a contemporary room and bring in that needed warmth.
  • Old stools….again…reminds me of grandma
  • Photos of grandma J
  • Old spice cans and other old kitchen utensils
  • One piece whether it be a crystal chandelier or………
  • ………a handmade quilt can add just the right touch to welcome a new-old look.
  • Old trunks or suitcases
  • Old tin pie pans – really cool
  • Old, a.k.a. vintage, plates on a wall
  • My personal favorite, distressed brick
  • And, of course, cool clocks – made to look vintage – lots of those around

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