DIY Mantel Decor Ideas (1)

Mantels?  Gorgeous!

No fireplace?  No problem!

Is there anything prettier or more nostalgic than a mantel decorated with pine boughs, poinsettia blossoms and candles?

We used to have a beautiful mantel in our first home.  I really miss it.  I loved decorating it from Spring to Winter and especially for holidays.  A mantel can be a stunning focal point.

So, you ask, what if I don’t have a fireplace?   Well, shelves aren’t just for books you know!  Do some research and check out the beautiful mantels available and think “mantel minus sides (if applicable) = shelf = mock mantel.”  A big, bold shelf hung low on a wall above a leather ottoman would be a striking vignette.  I have the perfect place for this.  I think I’m going to do it!

Think outside the box.  These beautiful pieces of art are too good to go to waste.  Think, think, think!  Where can I put one of these?  My kitchen?  My bedroom?  Oooo!  My bathroom!!  I know!  The entryway…….so many ideas, so few walls.

I know, traditionally speaking mantels go over fireplaces.  Well, remember those distressed brick walls we’ve talked about?  You can create a stunning “fireplace scene” using the electric heaters that look like a small fireplace, distress a wall with brick (not very hard), add a mantel and voila!  I actually considered doing something very similar to this in our basement bathroom but we didn’t have quite enough room unless we eliminated the door.  Not the best idea! 🙂

Remember:  Mantel = big shelf.   If you don’t have a fireplace, use some of these mantel ideas to create an impressive look on a shelf, and put it anywhere you want.  Dazzling!

mantel layered look mantel old brick painted white mantel spring mantel idea4 mantel idea3

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