• Remember to wear protective wear.  I was watching a YouTube video some time ago where a guy was demonstrating spraying on the stain in flip flops!  NOT recommended!
  • Protect surrounding area (foliage, house, etc)
  • Mix and apply the stain according to manufacturer’s directions.  Using a sprayer especially for acid is the trick. Nothing with metal.  The acid reacts to the metal and you could end up with a real mess.
  • Use a broom to sweep (scrub) in the stain to encourage absorption.
  • Allow the stain to cure (not long) according to manufacturer’s directions.  Don’t wait too long.
  • Neutralize the stain by applying a mixture of 1 lb baking soda to 5 gallons water.  Apply with mop.
  • Wash off with hose

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  1. Will the stain work over a patio that has been painted or does it need to be unfinished concrete?

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