PREP…the most important step…really.  Take plenty of time here, once this is done your battle’s over.

Remember it has been said, “Every step successfully completed leads to the successful completion of the next step.”

  • The concrete must be cleaned of all sealer, grease, paint spills, gunk, etc.
  • You might be able to clean the concrete with a detergent solution.
  • If there are tougher stains you may need to use a chemical degreaser.
  • If a sealer has been applied to your concrete and it probably has, you will need to remove that with a chemical stripping agent that will mix with water.
  • Finally, wash the concrete with detergent and water.  If necessary, remove excess water with a shop-vac but as you are doing a patio sweeping the water off should do unless you have plants close you are worried about.

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  1. Will the stain work over a patio that has been painted or does it need to be unfinished concrete?

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