Ummmmmmmm….I’m second thinking the TV thing….I don’t think I want to work on a project without my friends of NCIS working their criminal investigation magic in the background.  Maybe we’ll have to install a little 19-incher on one of those cool floating shelves.  Ooooo, this sounds fun.  I can’t wait!

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4 Comments on Amazing Craft Room Ideas

  1. I am with you on the NCIS requirement for the craft room. I am soon to move to a larger space and hope to turn the dinning room into a sewing room.

  2. I don’t know how I’d cope with out my sewing/craft space. I can close the door on the menial tasks that are all-too-often a distraction, crank up my music and get on with some making. Heaven 🙂


  3. A space for every purpose!! That for me, is the ideal!! You summed it up well! Enjoy your journey!

  4. Where do I find DIY instructions for the space pictured above? I LOVE IT!!!

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