I’ll tell you what we did.My husband built a redwood planter box about 3.5 feet high & 20 inches deep.  He mounted the treated redwood to the foundation with angle iron and very large bolts.  That’s very important because once you fill it with dirt and water it year after year, and the plants roots become stronger, it can pull away from the foundation.  He’s finding that one side of the box is starting to come away and will take some repair.  So be sure you are careful in the construction and take the needed steps to insure a secure planter.   This addition to our house covered 3.5 feet of ugly concrete that looked hot and dry and UGLY!  It’s now a beautiful addition to our patio area.  I plant it with geraniums which bloom from spring to late fall.  Also, vinca minor which trails down the front.  It looks very nice.

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  1. Yea you for sure don’t want those roots cracking your foundation. Tons of expense down the line.

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