Fabulous Ways to Beautify Window Wells

Window wells are a necessary sore thumb….or are they?  They certainly don’t have to be. We chose to dig out our window wells and landscape around them in different ways.  Now we only have one window well “below ground”.  Of course you have to be wise about it.  Depending on you r slope, the amount of run-off and other factors, it may not be possible.   For example, our one underground window well is in our patio and not possible to dig out.

Digging out and grading back can open up a daylight basement and add the glow of natural light.  The space itself can be used as a flower bed, rock garden, egress window (that’s a window that people can escape from in case of fire or other emergency) or something whimsical and fun to view from inside.

Creating a wonderful terraced window well will eliminate the need for a ladder and considerably minimizes the danger of a fall, and it will provide a space for a garden, either vegetable or flower.  How wonderful!  Even holiday decorating to be seen from inside a family room or downstairs bedroom.

There are a ton of products to choose from to use in your window well depending on the desired outcome.  Redwood, vinyl, stone; all of these can make a fabulous and natural windowscape.

TIP:  Like all major DIY projects certain pesky rules must be followed.  Make sure to call your utility companies before digging a 3-4 foot hole in the ground.  Check for codes in your area.  Do your homework.  There are certain specifications for an egress window. Consider the drainage and safety issues.

Window wells terraced inside view.png window wells terracedFabulous Ways to Beautify Your Window Wells