DIY Garage Door Makeover Ideas (1)

GARAGE DOORS!  They take up a goodly amount of visual space on our homes, don’t they?  And sometimes, that’s not so good.  And they’re super expensive to replace.  I’ve always said that you get more bang for your buck with paint.  What a fun and bargain-basement way to give your whole house a facelift!  You’ll love it ~ and if you’re really brave or simply wonderfully artistic there are a lot of faux designs that are fabulous!


Now, before you run out and grab some paint, research and ponder a little.

  • Is your garage attached to the house?  If the answer is yes, then you should take care to paint the most visible space on your house a color that blends or matches the trim or siding, or just leave it white.
  • Also, consider:  Do I want the garage door to match my front door?  If the answer is yes, then, once again, choose a color that complements the entire house.  A beautiful red FRONT door might look fantastic.  Whereas, a big red GARAGE door may look hideous!
  • If your garage is not attached and sits back from the front a ways, stand WAY back, take a look and see what color would add to the curb appeal.  You may be able to take a little more decorative license and have a lot more fun with the color.

Let’s DO IT!

  • Choose a quality EXTERIOR paint.
  • Prime the door first.  I have it on good authority that the paint that contains the primer is a……….shall we say……marketing ploy.  This professional painter said it is chemically impossible to prime with the same product with which you paint.  Just an FYI…you choose.  Me?  WE always prime first.
  • Brushing and rolling is tedious but is certainly do-able.  Spraying is definitely quicker, but you have to be really careful of the overspray.  12” painter’s paper is NOT wide enough to guard against the overspray.  Even on a calm day. Trust me….

BHG has a website where you can plug in different colors and check it out, somewhat, before you make your decision on the color.  It shouldn’t be too tough though following the above guidelines.

Have fun!  Send me a picture.

garage doors before and after garage doors before and after 2

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  1. Just found your site from a pin on Pinterest about concrete stained patio…love the idea, enjoyed “poking” around your site and your great ideas! I am signing up for new posts so I don’t “lose” your site 🙂

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