There, of course, are other techniques to cause what’s new to look old again……..

Antiquing with glaze.  This works especially good on textured walls.  Using 1 part paint to 4 parts antiquing glaze, brush on walls and squeegee the excess off.  This leaves only the glaze color in the lines and divots of the wall.

Rag Rolling.  Dip a cloth (preferably a ragging cloth…don’t use a towel) in water and ring it out.  Then dip it in antiquing glaze and wring it out again.  Twist the cloth like you’re going to have a towel fight, you remember J, then begin to roll rag along the wall changing directions for a more natural look.  Reload cloth as needed.  Work in small areas at a time and never leave a dry edge.  This means complete an area before you take a break.

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