5 Planter Box Styles and Ideas

When we had our rock wall built in the backyard we designed it to have a couple of planting areas.  Planter boxes, if you will.  I just love them.  I have tulips coming up in them now, and as they die down I have purple salvia, creeping phlox, and Snow in Summer (I love it and curse it all the time) blooming.  When the Snow in Summer has stopped blooming and I have cursed it once again and chopped the heck out of it, the geraniums I have/will plant will bloom for the rest of the season, along with second and even third blooms from the salvia.  Now there’s a plant that really gives it’s all.  Although the second and third blooms are not nearly as profuse as the first, it still adds a nice colored backdrop to the geraniums and the ice plant that is one of the funnest rock garden plants ever.  It grows and creeps like crazy but is still easy to control.

Along with these planting “boxes” in the wall my husband built a long planter box up next to the house where we have vinca minor planted.  I also plant geraniums in that.  The vinca minor trails down the front of the box and looks beautiful.  It also takes some “handling” a couple times during the year.  I cut it back in early spring and then tame it again in July.

As soon as things are planted, and the weather is nice, I will take a picture of my planter boxes to add.

  • Wooden boxes

Window planter boxes

  • Repurposed planters
  • Galvanized pots (washtub, Watering can, etc.)
  • Rock garden planter boxes


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