To mulch or not to mulch – Not even a question!

Unique Mulching Ideas (1)
So whatever it is you’re doing, mulching your soil in preparation for planting, or topping with mulch (noun) to control weeks or add a wonderfully fragrant element to your garden, the outcome will be fabulous!We have so much planting area in our yard that something simply had to be done.  There is no way I could continue to keep up on it.  Each spring I would dread (and I LOVE to work outside) the endless hours of weeding and mulching!  So…..we decided to do something I never thought I would do.  We covered the areas with landscape paper and covered that with mulch.  ROCK mulch.  Yes, rock is a mulch, too.  We chose small jaggedy pebbles the color of wheat.   I can’t tell you how much I love this.  We have planted trees and a few golden tipped tams amongst the mulch and it is lovely!  Already, in this, the ugliest of months (March) our backyard looks like we have spent hours cleaning it up.  NOPE!  It is clean, it is crisp, it is HEAVEN!

There is nothing that smells better than a fresh coating of “soil pep” after a rain.

Oh, and did I mention?  Mulch covers a myriad of problems, quickly and inexpensively.  You can spruce up nicely for a party this weekend!

mulch downspout

mulch house to backyard

mulch pathway to house