How to Design  Your Focal Point

Designing a Focal Point

When you walk into a room your eye should be able to rest on a particular feature or focal point.  In some rooms that’s easy.  The big stone fireplace, or a beautiful window with “the” view.  Not every room has a distinguishing feature, sooooo that’s where the designer-wanabe in you comes into play.  CREATE ONE!

Usually a focal point is the place where other furniture revolves or people tend to gravitate. A focal point should draw a person closer.  A great area rug could actually be a focal point.  Grandma’s old étagère ….I LOVE pieces with a story. A table with interesting objects.  A terrific mirror…the list goes on but you get the picture…oh yeah!…artwork can serve as a wonderful focal point.  A cool wall display of…..stuff J.  You choose.  Is your family into music?  Old records (those are the round things made out of vinyl J) Sheet music, a ukulele.  Plants can be a delightful feature. Even a whopping spider plant.

Once you’ve established your feature, consider arranging furniture around or nearby for the best conversation.  Remember, that every seat should have a table within easy reach.

The importance of creating a focal point is to give visitors a place to congregate without that “okay, I’m here, now what do I do” feeling of awkwardness.