Galvanized tubs make excellent pots and planters with that down-homey feel. Stand them on their bottom, lean them on their side, turn them upside down and stick more galvanized stuff on top, add some painted wooden legs and there you go!  What a fun look!

The other galvanized stuff is really cool, too.  You’ve got pails and gas cans, chicken feeders, horse troughs, milk cans, funnels ………the list goes on.  And if you get tired of the old gray metal look, you can always throw on a fresh spray of paint.

Check out your local salvage yard and rescue some great finds!  Farm and ranch stores, too.

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4 Comments on Creative Galvanized Planter Ideas

  1. I love this idea too, and have a few kicking around, but never did this because of drainage. I’d hate to put holes in the bottom of the galvanized container! Did you put drainage holes?
    I’ve tried potting things in nice pots without holes & they just drowned eventually, especially if left outside!

    • I usually put rocks in the bottom of large planters or planters that do not have drainage. The rocks give the drainage without putting wholes in the planter.

  2. I am thinking of doing this too but using packing peanuts in the bottom for drainage and to keep it light.

  3. For containers I usually use river rocks/pebbles at the bottom for drainage.

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