It’s a good idea to rotate your basket every other day or so.  This will allow for an even growth and allow all plants to receive the needed sun.

Make sure to fertilize.  This is most important in container gardening of any kind.  A slow release fertilizer works best in containers and then supplementing with a water soluble fertilizer as ofe as is suggested.  Plants in containers deplete the soil of nutrients very quickly.  I like to use Ozmicote Slow Release fertilizer.

Watering is so important.  It’s death to a plant to over water OR under water.  If you over water the roots of the plant will not get their needed oxygen.  Let the SOIL dry a little.  Stick your finger in the soil to about the second knuckle.  If you don’t feel much moisture it’s probably time to water.  Watering needs will also depend on the size of our planter and where it is placed (in the sun, wind, etc).  In the Indian Summer days most planters need to be watered at least once a day, in the morning, and usually again in the evening.  Make sure your plants do not wilt.  This causes stress and in most cases plants don’t recover well from stress.

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  1. Thanks for the great tips,

    I live in the Caribbean and am new at gardening. Can you please recommend plants for the hanging baskets, preferably ones that bloom all year long or have colorful leaves. Thank you I’d really appreciate it!

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