If using a coco mat, cut slits in sides large enough to insert rootball of trailing lobelia or another of your favorite trailing plant.  Using  2 different types of trailers will add more interest to the finished product.

Fill the mat half full of potting mix

Insert rootball in side of mat so that the ball rests on top of the soil.  Take your time with this. It is important not to damage the roots.  That being said, if the plant is a little root bound, gently massage the roots until they become a little bit loose.  This will enable them to get a good start.

Set other plants of your choosing, making sure they are nicely compatible, in the planter.

Gently add more potting mix to fill basket.

Plants that do well in a hanging garden are: Impatiens, petunias, geraniums, million bells, trailing lobelia, trailing verbena.

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  1. Thanks for the great tips,

    I live in the Caribbean and am new at gardening. Can you please recommend plants for the hanging baskets, preferably ones that bloom all year long or have colorful leaves. Thank you I’d really appreciate it!

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