Give Clocks the Time of Day

Pacific, Mountain, Midwest, Eastern….it doesn’t matter what time zone you’re in CLOCKS are a great design detail!

We had a BIG clock in our family room that could be seen from outside.  Our daughter had a friend who said he would drive by our house just to see what time it was!

I LOVE clocks.  Maybe it stems back to the days I would stay with my grandmother.  She had a coo-coo clock that I loved.  She also had an alarm clock on the bedside table that had a distinct tick-tock that I would fall asleep to.  In any case, clocks evoke a homey feeling in my heart.

Using clocks as a design feature for a wall can be so much fun.  Whether you’re a true life designer or a design enthusiast you can incorporate them into any design style.  Vintage, chic, contemporary, classic, country, you name it, there’s a clock or clocks for it.  You know the gallery’s that are so popular now?  If you have a wall or a hallway that needs a new tempo, give clocks a shot.  If you already have a gallery, add a clock or two.

A clock next to a baby picture with the time set to the time of birth, an antique (or wannabe) clock on a nightstand next to mom and dad’s wedding picture, a clock set to the time zone where a loved one lives….add a clock anywhere for fun or function.

9 Amazing Things You Can Do With Clocks

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