The Tranquility of Trickling Water

Doesn’t everyone want their home to be a place where, after a long day away, they can come home and have their stresses melt away? I love, love, love the sound of trickling water.  Maybe I have a touch of feng shui in me.  “They say” the sound of moving water has been proven to lower heart rate.  We have a cd with nothing more than ocean and river sounds on it, and it really is very relaxing. Indoor water features bring a special ambiance and serenity to any space in your home.  Whether they hang on your wall or sit on your office desk, the sound of moving water brings peace to your soul.
IWF’s draw attention and add a soothing touch to the atmosphere in your home.  They invoke a sense of calm and tranquility to guests entering your home. Indoor fountains provide a sense of mountain breezes, running streams, and natural bodies of water…mmmm….don’t you just want to take a nap thinking about this?

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