I was surprised when attending my favorite home show to see a green artificial wreath hanging on the front door of a BEAUTIFUL home.  It’s only adornment, a piece of blue ribbon.  This wreath was very green and VERY artificial, and VERY pretty.  In fact we stopped and did a double-take. (Sorry for the poor picture quality)

wreath with blue ribbon

Wreaths can be very pricey to buy!  I NEVER buy a wreath, except a grapevine wreath for the foundation.  Even making wreaths can be expensive.  The trick is to purchase enough stuff for a wreath and then have another use for your leftovers.  I find that to make a floral type wreath I must plan on spending around $60, but I always have enough left over to almost make another one.  Go shopping with a friend and split the materials, and the cost.

TIP:  If this wreath will be hanging outside in inclement weather use less expensive flowers and greenery.  Wal-Mart carries a large variety of artificial flowers and, choosing carefully, you can put together a beautiful Spring wreath for…..not much.  Add some grassy stuff and maybe some pods from some tired potpourri and you’ve got yourself a great wreath!





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