I LOVE my kitchen window sill. And I hope with some of these great ideas, you will be inspired and decorate yours so that you love yours too!

windowsill winter

P.S.  If you don’t have a window sill deep enough to decorate, clear a place on your countertop near your sink, or wherever is convenient, but it must be VERY visible, and use that as your season-all happy place!  Don’t let the kids clutter it up!  TIP:  To keep your deco spot on the countertop easy to decorate and maintain, buy one of those cute “breakfast-in-bed” type trays that are so popular now and use the same type of ideas you would put in the window.  It can be easily removed while cooking and replaced when dinner’s over.

P.S.S.  Remember……….sometimes less is more, but sometimes it’s just less.  Don’t quit too soon.  You can add lots of stuff to that window!

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