Not So Lovely Love Seats

What’s up with love seats?  Really?  A love seat is an extra wide chair and a half.  Do two people ever sit on a love seat? NO!  So I say why not use the same amount of space (okay, maybe a little more space….but not much) and create something much more attention grabbing.  Chair groups!

chair grouping 5

So much interest can be added with a couple cool chairs and a side table than a boring old love seat.  And two people can and do actually sit in them.

Homeshow 2013 119

The cool thing about chair groups is that you can choose a completely different style and totally different fabric to add the needed punch to your, maybe not so interesting sofa; a chance to introduce different textures, fabrics, and pillows.

Homeshow 2013 237

The table extends a chance to play around with all kinds of fun decorating elements and objects. Remember!  Be creative with your table tops!

Homeshow 2013 177