And they take very little care.  In fact most of these plants featured are artificial!  YUP!  That’s right, and there’s no way you can tell.  In fact, some of these are so life-like even by touching them you can’t tell.  WOW!  My kind of houseplant!  But what’s fun, you can mix and mingle these little beauties with real ones, like in a terrarium, or use them to brighten up a spot that doesn’t get enough sun!  Ha!  They need NO sun.  LOVE THEM!!  I found some darling ones in a big box home décor store. Now, if artificial plants offend you, by all means by some real ones.  They are one of the plants that garden centers carry year round.  Even HD had a “slightly good” selection.

Here are Some of the best ones that I found.plants succulents 3

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