BOOKS!!….. To add polish and panache! One of my all-time favorite things to do is go to a  Parade of Homes. It’s not like I can afford any of those multi-million dollar palaces, but I can copy towel-folding ideas all day long!!

I just got back from one of my favorite shows and this year the decorating buzz was all about BOOKS!!  Hard-backed BOOKS!!  Stacked BOOKS!!, covered BOOKS!!  BOOKS!! as a base for lamps or lavish vases, BOOKS!! as a base for other BOOKS!!  BOOKS!! upside down, and BOOKS!! backwards.  BOOKS!! with their jackets, and BOOKS!! with handmade monochrome covers.

There’s just nothing like the feel or look of a well-worn, dog-eared, yellowed-with-age, tattered-leafed book to catch the interest and add warmth to a home. (I’d stay away from the cheesy paperback love novels.)

10 Creative Uses for Old Books

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