Okay, blinds aren’t my favorite way to dress a window, but……..there are some really good-looking ones at Lowe’s or H.D. for a great price, cut to fit, and with a little imagination, can look great.  I’d been staring at these blinds in my son’s room for about 45 minutes, when it hit me.  Hey! I wonder…………so I ran out to the garage and brought in an old, old, old, lumber saw that my husband (the family packrat) had saved from….I dunno.  PERFECT size.  It added just the right touch for this bedroom that I referred to as the “Ernest Hemingway”.  It just reminded me of that……..textured walls, craftsman headboard,  desk & mirror, with a little Early American thrown in. (I’ve always hated Early American, but the chest of drawers was free and…what the heck…it fit and seems to add a little more “Hemingway” personality.)Window Treatments

Another cool idea for the window in your son’s or daughter’s room?……….an old snowboard  for a detached valance.  Looks FAB!…and adds some of their personality. Here are some of the ideas that I found that I though were fabulous!

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