I love the clean fresh look of my shutters, but our guest room needed a POP!   This rather undersized room has an oversized window that made a “help me”  statement until………….I got creative and dug out some material I had stashed in a linen closet ( I think I had used it as a valance in a previous house).

I cut two wide strips and made them as long as I wanted. I deliberately made them long to add height to the room, and barely drag the floor. We added some inexpensive curtain rings, (I can’t remember how much they were, but cheap, cheap, in fact they’re actually plastic)  I bought a $12 pre-painted decorative curtain rod and cut it to the size I wanted.  I needed 4 balls (what are they called??), 2 for each end of the rods.  I also needed 4 cornices, again, prepainted and very inexpensive.  I got all the fixin’s for this little DIY project at the local H.D.

There you have it!  BOOM CHIC-A-POP!   A light, whispy window treatment that doesn’t interfere with the crispness of the shutters I love so much!  And notice; no spray paint needed.  Hooray!  All the components came in white, which was the look I wanted.  I LOVE white!  It adds a sparkle to any room.  They say every room needs a little bit of black?  I think every room needs a little bit of white. But that’s just me. Take a look at these other easy and awesome window treatment ideas that I found!

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