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Bed Sheets……Crisp or Soft?

Can you remember the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept in?  What was it that made it so comfortable?  Probably the sheets (and pillows) right?  I love crawling into bed at night with cool crisp sheets?  Are you a crisp or soft person?  I’m definitely a crisp gal.

The sheer volume of sheets on the market creates a real dilemma when choosing just the right feel , and considering the cost the choice better be a good one!

There are:

  • Percale (the crisp kind)
  • Sateen (the soft kind)
  • Jersey (the knit kind ~ kind of like a t-shirt)
  • Flannel (these give me claustrophobia J)
  • Cotton (the “I’d better get a high thread count” kind)
  • Silk (the EXPENSIVE kind)
  • The bamboo blend (that’s right, bamboo)

I just bought a set of sheets, white-on-white, 450 thread count and they’re my favorite sheets yet.  I replaced a set of “Egyptian” cotton sheets, 650 TC.  I like my new ones better.  Maybe it’s the crispness the higher TC did not offer, I don’t know.

I always thought that the thread count (the number of threads in 1 square inch of fabric) was what made the difference between soft and yummy or sandpapery and scratchy.  Well, all other things being equal, high thread counts will translate to softer and yummier.  However, it is not necessary to pay the extra $ for sheets in the 850-1,000 thread count range.  For the extra money, sometimes BIG money, there is not enough difference to justify that cost.  Staying in the 400-450 range should offer all the comfort one needs to snuggle down on a trip to dreamland.

When buying sheets make sure you get the proper size.  I hate wrestling a sheet when trying to tuck the corners into place.  I really like the sheets with elastic all the way around the sheet.  Also, every time I have purchased a twin sheet set, I am always disappointed that the fitted sheet fits so snug that it crushes the cozy featherbed I have as a topper.  So, the last time I bought sheets for a twin bed with a featherbed topper I purchased a sheet set for a full size bed and I just tuck in the extra fabric.  That way the featherbed stays nice and poofy.  Whatever your preference make sure you get the right size for the right fit.

And don’t forget about pillowcases.  If you have oversize pillows for your bed you will probably have to buy some pillow cases separately.  I have to do that all the time.  I still use the cases that come with the sheet set on different pillows.

Sweet dreams!