Tricky Corner Bead PaintingTricky Corner Beading

        ………where to tape for what kind of look

Are you ever stumped when you want to tape off a wall to paint and you have rounded corner beading?

I think my husband excels here.  He is the best taper-offer I know.  And it’s surprising the different effect you can get depending on where you decide to tape.  We have a wall in our family room area that we have accented in green.  He taped just inside the round corner bead so we have a strip of the main wall color outlining this edge of the green wall.  This placement of the tape tends to give the wall a more contemporary look.  We didn’t know that going into the project but we discovered it is true.  In the evening when the accent lights are on that wall, the green almost disappears into a void and gives the illusion of an open space where the green wall actually is.  It’s really interesting.  We’ve even had a few people go up to it to look really close to see if it’s a wall or an open space.

On another accented wall he taped right down the middle of the corner bead because I didn’t want a different color showing on either edge of the two different walls.  It completely takes away the rounded look and gives each wall a straight edge.

So be brave, paint that wall you don’t know what to do with a bold wonderful color and don’t let rounded corner bead scare you away from creating a fabulous, fresh look in whatever room you like!

I didn’t know some people are scared to paint a wall, but come to find out, they ARE!

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