Decorating in Rustic Charm

What exactly is “rustic charm”?  That is simply up to the eye of the designer.  “Rustic” can mean anything from a pillar made out of a few pieces of stained barn wood, to the looks of an old sheep herders out-cabin.

Some may think “rustic” means old, worn out, used up and refurbished.  Others may suppose that a wide plank flooring is all you need to add a rustic flavor to the décor.

Wherever you fall on the country-chic living meter here are a few tips to consider.

  • Warm natural colors are the way to go to achieve the feel of the down home coziness rustic design intimates.  This doesn’t mean you have to paint everything beige.  Earthy yellows and bold, vibrant reds are wonderful colors to add to rustic decoration.
  • Adding some wood beams to an area, even just about the kitchen island, is a way to add that rustic flavor.  Sound intimidating?  If you’re not into reclaiming barn wood there are faux beams that can be purchased and installed in a weekend (or less).
  • Antiques or flea market finds.  Use your imagination and reclaim some of that stuff in the garage.  The old camp fire coffee pot, old scales, milk cans, wash tubs, ladders (a great idea), old chests or trunks, those doilies you’ve had no idea what to do with.
  • Lighting is important.  Choose, or make, some lights out of Mason Jars.  A candle chandelier, an old oil lamp, or lanterns.  These items are so popular now if you don’t have any old ones chances are you can find made-to-look-old ones in home décor stores.  And don’t forget about the made-for-the-garage- sconces we’ve talked about before.  WONDERFUL elements for the rustic look.

Start out by adding just a few rustic pieces positioned in between your traditional favorites.  Notice how quickly and with very little effort that old down home feeling comes alive.  You may not need to do nearly as much redecorating as you may think to achieve the hominess of a mountain retreat.

Decorating in Rustic Charm- Great ideas!    Decorating in Rustic Charm- Great ideas!