New but old wall murals……



Wall murals were big in the ‘70’s and I was never much of a fan, but…..

I saw a rather cool idea the other day in a flea market magazine.  Not everyone’s style, but fun and different, nonetheless.

PAINT BY NUMBER wall murals!  This is the funnest idea for a child’s bedroom or behind the entertainment bar in the family room or theater room (if you’re lucky enough to have one of those).  Inside of a closet would be cute, too.  I also think having a paint-by-number wall in my garage would be a great way to get to know neighbors.  They would come over just to take a peak!

The whole idea is to get that “paint by number” look.  I think I would go small.  You know what they say about too much of a good thing.  But I really do think it would look cool as a backdrop in a family entertainment room.  Also, what about that cute hidden nook-turned-playspace?

The mural can be done old school style.  Projecting a paint-by-number kit on a wall and tracing the design.  You just have to match the numbered colors with interior paint you can buy.  Lowe’s sells very small bottles of Valspar paint for $3.00. It’s a great deal when you’re doing a small project, or a big project needing a lot of a little paint!  apartmenttherapy has some great ideas.

Someone even had the idea to paint one of these leaving it half undone ….funny!… and what a great conversation starter.  After all, who ever completed a paint-by-number painting?

TIP:  You can also project a giant coloring mural and trace that on your wall.  You just have to design your own paint palette.  Very creative!  Check those out at

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