Layering Decor Ideas and Styles

Layering décor, leaning décor, and even stacking décor ……

        … evolution I love

Wow!  This is such a great decorating technique.  It makes me laugh out loud though. Never in a million years would that have been “OK” when I first began decorating a home.  Everything had to have its own space and not shared by anything else.  And you would never have considered hanging a picture off center to make way for a tall table lamp or other decorating items.  I now have a clock hung off center over a night stand to share visual space with a dried flower arrangement and LOVE IT!!

I love the evolution of decorating!  It keeps things interesting and it allows for envision outside the proverbial box.

These 3 techniques in decorating are fun to practice because you can use literally whatever it is you have around the house.  Do you have a table top or the top of a chest of drawers or something?

  • Okay, go right now and grab 7 items that you like.  Preferably ones with different heights, shapes, and textures, but for now just go grab 7 items you like.
  • Put the biggest one to the back on the side,
  • If you chose some books, stack them in front and off to the side of the first one.
  • Put a smaller one on top of the books or a taller one in back of them and lean one next to the books or to the opposite of the first piece.  (you don’t always have to have a leaner, but you get the picture)

What do you think?  If it didn’t work, go get some more items to work with and keep practicing.

This is one of my favorite ways to decorate and change things up a bit.  And when you get bored with one grouping, switch it out with something else you have.

These starfish have leaned against my mother’s favorite bowl, hung on a wall, and topped my Christmas tree.

Layering Decor layering starfish layering tabletop 2