Lampshade IdeasLight it up with lampshades

We’re looking for some new lights, sconces to be specific, for a hallway leading to a family room.  As I was perusing the infinite amount of products out there I ran across some of the fun-nest (if you hyphenate it, you don’t get the red squiggly line) lamps and lampshade styles and colors.

What a great way to add the touch of color you’re looking for without breaking the bank or having to re-décor your whole room.  Lampshades!  WOW!  Everything old is new again, as they say.  Lampshades went out with the coming in of the 70’s.  But they’re back with a vengeance and it’s fun!  And if you love red, but a little goes a long way?…..Lampshades!

Lamps/shades can do for the room pretty much what pillows do.  Almost anything goes and you can really enhance the feel of the room. It’s easy to add a bit of contemporary to an otherwise traditional room simply by choosing the right lamp.  Have fun with this one!

lampshades red side table

lampshades green

lampshades red lamp entryway

lampshades floral.png