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DIY Vintage Vignette

DIY Vintage AreasAll things vintage in our little vignette…

…The wall and dad’s chair

Well, the brick wall I told you about some time ago is done! YAY!  And I love it.  I have to give all the credit to my very talented and very patient husband.  I think he did a fabulous job.  I would have liked a little more distressing on it, but he had the most difficult time leaving anything on it that, in his opinion, wasn’t supposed to be there.  I actually had to have him go back and add some mortar to the bricks to make it look a little older.

The “beautiful” crushed velvet rocking chair was my dad’s.  He passed away in 1983, but I will never lose the image of him sitting in that chair cracking nuts and watching Gun Smoke.  And I will never have this chair recovered, sooo….. thank goodness for our vintage vignette where this 1968 masterpiece can be displayed with honor.

Oh…and the picture of the fishing creel on the wall?  That creel was my dad’s, too.  I love him!


Decorating “Slowly”

Empty Room with Ladder, Paint Tray and Rollers  

The best things come to those who wait OR

……blessed by having less

Ya know, sometimes it’s not always the best thing to have all the money to do what you would do if you had all the money.

Decorating slowly can have its advantages.  If you have needed to wait until you could afford an item or the means to accomplish a small re-decorating project the advantage to that is by the time you’ve completed a project or room, you tend to discover your very own style rather than a “dime-a-dozen” showroom style by Ashley or even Thomas.  Your new room is truly YOURS.

We have always needed to redecorate or remodel or finish a basement one board, table, or picture at a time.  But you know what?  We ended up with a home that is unique from anyone else’s and fits us perfectly.  If we would have had the money to have our builder finish our basement at the time we built our house we wouldn’t have anything like it is shaping up to be.  Having the time or I guess I should say, having to TAKE the time whether we want it or not, GIVES us the time to think and ponder about our finished project, even if it comes 10 years later.

Decorating in one fell swoop leaves us at the mercy of the popular trends of the day.  Having the time to piece together a family room can create a space that has our own imprint and becomes a room that will withstand time.

Decorating our home is a journey, not a weekend trip!


Layering Decor Ideas and Styles

Layering Decor Ideas and Styles

Layering décor, leaning décor, and even stacking décor ……

        …..an evolution I love

Wow!  This is such a great decorating technique.  It makes me laugh out loud though. Never in a million years would that have been “OK” when I first began decorating a home.  Everything had to have its own space and not shared by anything else.  And you would never have considered hanging a picture off center to make way for a tall table lamp or other decorating items.  I now have a clock hung off center over a night stand to share visual space with a dried flower arrangement and LOVE IT!!

I love the evolution of decorating!  It keeps things interesting and it allows for envision outside the proverbial box.

These 3 techniques in decorating are fun to practice because you can use literally whatever it is you have around the house.  Do you have a table top or the top of a chest of drawers or something?

  • Okay, go right now and grab 7 items that you like.  Preferably ones with different heights, shapes, and textures, but for now just go grab 7 items you like.
  • Put the biggest one to the back on the side,
  • If you chose some books, stack them in front and off to the side of the first one.
  • Put a smaller one on top of the books or a taller one in back of them and lean one next to the books or to the opposite of the first piece.  (you don’t always have to have a leaner, but you get the picture)

What do you think?  If it didn’t work, go get some more items to work with and keep practicing.

This is one of my favorite ways to decorate and change things up a bit.  And when you get bored with one grouping, switch it out with something else you have.

These starfish have leaned against my mother’s favorite bowl, hung on a wall, and topped my Christmas tree.

Layering Decor layering starfish layering tabletop 2


Why Woven Wood Works

Why Woven Wood WorksWoven Woods


We have two patio doors downstairs with very little head room to apply a window treatment.  I’ve decided to go with woven woods.

Woven woods offer that natural element to a room that I really love.  They create a warm and homey ambiance that invites and welcomes.

The choice of these types of blinds will suit me very well because our patio doors are glass and open up onto a patio with a view of a waterfall and lovely rock garden plants.  I don’t want to apply anything that will disrupt that scenery.  The woven woodW will allow for privacy in the evening and can be raised during the day to the view of the patio.

Woven woods come in many choices of natural elements, with combinations of bamboo, rattan, reeds, jutes, woods, and grasses all offering a unique appeal.  They can be combined with valances and additional window treatments to create an exceptional appearance.

I’m anxious to see how they’ll look.

Great Decor Ideas using Woven Woods woven woods multiple windows Woven woods top down bottom up woven woods shabby chic woven woods with valance

Cocktail Ottomans

Family room in luxury home with wood ceiling beams

Cocktail Ottomans…..they’re a two-fer……two for one!


I really love the functionality of cocktail ottomans.  They offer a wonderful alternative to the traditional coffee table, and your mom won’t every say “get your feet off the table, please!”  And they can work as extra seating space, too.  There are even some designs out there that double (or triple) as storage space as the top lifts up.  Great place to stash the extra blankets.  Summer or winter, someone in our home is always cold.

Another thing I like about ottomans is their soft sides and corners, as opposed to coffee tables.  Reason being, I have little ones tumbling and cart-wheeling all over the rooms and these soft-sided designs save their cute little heads from goose eggs, cuts, and fat lips.  Oh!  I remember those days; jumping up as fast as you can to slide your hand under a little one’s face to try to prevent the inevitable.

There are a lot of styles to choose from, too; upholstered with fabric, micro-fiber, or leather being the most common.  Some provide a shelf underneath for magazines, remotes, etc., really utilizing the coffee table idea, others offer the extra storage for the blankets, and some just provide the footrest and seating space, but these also make a great “make-shift coffee table” to serve hot chocolate and cookies from a serving tray.

Fun and function!  I love stuff like that.

cocktail ottomans cocktail ottomans 2 cocktail ottomans 3 mantel with cocktail ottoman