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Table Runner Ideas

Unique Table Runner IdeasTable Runners… still…. cheap and cute!

…chalkboard? I love it!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love table runners! They are the easiest and coolest way to add a great look to a table, either during a meal or as a daily décor. They’re much cheaper (usually) than a tablecloth and a great way to add some bold color to a tablescape. They can be as fancy as lace, urban as bamboo, chic as rice paper, or as cozy as a tartan scarf.

Cornucopias and Christmas Ideas

Cornucopias and Christmas

…….I love it all!

So Halloween is now a memory, Thanksgiving is around the corner, but my thoughts are already centered on Christmas. I know, I know, there are many people who think Thanksgiving gets passed over for Christmas. To me? I can’t think of two more perfect holidays to meld together than a holiday that expresses gratitude….and what more to be grateful for than the birth of Christ? So….combining these two holidays into two glorious months seems to come naturally.


This fabulous idea can last all winter!

Layering Area Rugs

Layering Area RugsPlaying With Area Rugs…….

…..one on top of the other!

I think this is what I love about decorating nowadays most. Almost anything goes. It suits my style. I have always LOVED area rugs. And for a long time was I ever laughed at for putting an area rug over carpet! That makes some designers pull their hair out! Well, not so much anymore.

The idea of layering décor has moved from the wall and tabletops to the floor! YAY! If you wait long enough you’re sure to be in style. 🙂 I have a couple of problem areas in my almost (YAY!) finished basement. One is in a nook and the other just beyond that. I have been trying and trying to figure out how to blend the two areas without buying matching rugs….I definitely won’t do that! The idea of using sisal and then a rug over that appeals to me. I love the zebra over sisal (if you’re into animal prints). I also like the idea of laying, say a 4X5 rug, over and perpendicular to a larger one. As always, we are limited only by our creativity and imagination (and budget of course :).

Perusing through the many design ideas with rugs is almost as fun as picking out new furniture!

Layering Area Rugs rug layering layered floor rugs layering rugs 2

Winter Table Scape Ideas

Thanksgiving and Christmas……

What a combination!

As much as I love fall and the fall decorations by the time November rolls around I am ready for the winter/Christmas theme to set in. I’m pretty much through with pumpkins and gourds. I know that for some, decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving is over is close to blasphemy. But think about it. Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Everywhere else in the world (that celebrates Christmas) is thinking of the “THE season” by October. Besides, I can’t think of two holidays that better meld together than Thanksgiving and the season we celebrate the birth of Christ. Right?

Most of the time I like to decorate my Thanksgiving table with a winter table scape.

• Pinecones and big oak leaves sprayed with gold Glitterblast give them a glisten and sparkle that

adds beauty, texture, and warmth to the Thanksgiving table. And is so easy and inexpensive,

free in fact, well, that is as long as you have some Glitterblast in your craft closet, which I do!

• Logs cut in 8”, 10”, and 12” sections to arrange on the table with candles on top and pine

boughs or garland woven throughout. Aspen or river birch are my favorites.

• Fresh cranberries in the bottom of a cylinder with floating candles on top.

• Cranberries layered in a cylinder with burlap.

• Bouquets of fresh white flowers sprayed with “snow”

• Pinecones sprayed silver in vases with candles sitting at the base.

Did I say I was through with pumpkins? Well, I happen to have some mini white ones that will look great intermixed with my pinecones and oak leaves for a fabulous fall/Thanksgiving, winter/Christmas table.

winter centerpiece with white pumpkins winter centerpiece with silver pinecones winter centerpiece with cranberries winter centerpiece with cranberries 3 winter centerpiece with cranberries 2

DIY Fall Wreath


………Another wreath I love

I fall in love with Fall every year.  It’s my favorite time of the year.  I thought I would share a fall wreath that I have put on my front door for years.  I just keep adding to it, or removing some of the old faded stuff.  I think my favorite thing about this particular wreath is that it doesn’t look so contrived.  Unlike some of the others I have done.  I like them but they have that too round and engineered look

I actually made this with two grapevine garlands tied together.  That’s how I got the oval shape (which I love), then just started adding stuff.  I have some fall colored hydrangea type flowers I’m going to add this year plus I think I’ll add a little more raffia.  I’ll attach a before and after pic.

I always get several compliments on this wreath when people come to visit.  I think it’s the oval shape that makes it a stand-out, don’t you?