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Painted Window Trim to Love

Painted Window Trim Ideas to Love

What an amazing way to add a BURST of fun to a room!  I just love the idea of painting window frames and trim.  And HOW CHEAP!

Remember the term window dressing?  Well, there are still experts who refer to the “ART of window dressing.”  They may be in the blinds and shutters business, I don’t know, but painting windows certainly adds to the creativity and artful sense of the homeowner.  Hey wait!  That’s YOU!!

  • For a classically modern look consider painting the window the same color as the walls.  It’s especially fantastic when done in a neutral gray or taupe; and white on white is impeccable.
  • Go a little darker than your walls for a restful and yet still very contemporary look.
  • There’s always the gray against yellow for something fantastic and fresh, and maybe a little shabby chic.
  • And then, of course, there’s always the classic black, the antithesis of bright white (which I happen to love), but maybe a touch more thoughtful.
  • Thinking of buying an older home?  Does it have natural wood?  Lucky you!  Natural wood lends a fabulous historical feel to a home.  Not in good enough shape?  Then here you go!  Choose a knock-out paint color and go to town!

Take a look around and decide which rooms could use that CRACK OF COLOR just by painting the windows.  Maybe your area needs that ever so important focal point.  This could be IT!

I LOVE this idea!

P.S.    Painting trim doesn’t stop at windows you know…..

Go a little crazy and if you’re building a new house don’t let the contractor talk you out of your ideas.  They do that, you know!   Be bold with that baseboard ~ do darker trim than walls if that’s what you want.  It will look fabulous!


How to Hide Ugly Cords and Decorate Around Your TV

How to Hide Ugly Chords and Decorate Around Your TV


TV or not TV?  That is the question……

We’re in the process of finishing our basement and there is a design element (using the term loosely) that keeps me in a quandary.  That is the ever important, the yin and yang of all family rooms, the focal point of any great room…….the ever essential television!  No matter how skinny these are, or how streamline they become, they are still a decorator’s nightmare.  Does it go over the fireplace? Next to the fireplace? On an entertainment center?  In an entertainment center?  In the middle of the wall? On the side of the wall?  Do I put pictures around it or let it stand alone as the designer’s albatross it is.  And if the TV isn’t enough of an eyesore there are the endless cords going from this electronic device to the other.  YIKES!

In trying to decide where to have the electricians wire for this lovely component, we went back and forth, how high, how low, middle, side, etc., etc.  It is just not an easy thing…….this placement of the television.  So, we finally decided to be very creative 🙂 and stuck it smack dab in the middle of the wall.  I am now looking for ideas how to downplay the appearance of the 60” worth of media mania at the far end of our family room.

How to Hide Ugly Chords and Decorate Around Your TV

Beautiful Pillow Texture Ideas


I don’t think there’s any quicker way to add a fresh new look to a room than to toss a couple throw pillows, or throw a couple toss pillows onto a couch, chair, or on the floor in the corner of the room.  You can bring offbeat colors together to completely change the mood of a space.

Beautiful Pillow Texture Ideas